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She moaned softly when his hand began to unbutton her blouse, her hand instinctively moving up to touch his and stop it, instead she ended up guiding it to unbutton all of the buttons. She had been on her own for so long, not responsible to anyone else. She mashed her crotch into Missy's face, pushing her hips side to side, sliding her wet pussy all over her face. It was massive, shaped like a giant cock, the head bulbous. She put her hands down. A black bra was visible under a light blue slip. Put on these panties, then get into bed.

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Missy was surprised when Karen brought someone else with her this time.

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You made me do a terrible thing," she sobbed, feeling Karen's hand move up higher towards her pussy. It was half way through the movie when his hand moved out and touched hers; Missy had let him hold her hand. Her mother would kill her if she had to go to the center, even worse, Missy would hate it. Missy could only nod her head, embarrassed at being kissed and fondled by a woman. She held her breath when his hand slid under her skirt, following his command she let his zipper slide down noisily, her hand reaching in to find his hard cock jutting out his shorts. She wanted to do this more then anything in the world. More info in the FAQ.

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lesbian gang forced stories
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lesbian gang forced stories
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