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When my third child came into the world with Down syndrome, things suddenly felt complicated. A lot of people want to know what causes Down syndrome, and the truth is you or I having nothing to do with it. I want to stop welling up every time I read your blog though…. I strongly disagree with those kind of artificial tactics since many times life intervenes. Josiah is a huge blessing, pretty spoiled by his 6yr old sister as well. Fahad is the unique and most precious and lovely gift of Allah. Thanks for your comment!

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I hate reading things that make parents feel that their child will be dumb and not amount to much, you all did an amazing job at explaining and giving hope and understanding to parents.

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Did I Cause My Child To Be Born With Down Syndrome?

Mental retardation associated with Downs Syndrome is not related to any race, but to a genetic mutation. So with that being said it is less likely a child with mixed race will inherit that illness. Nearly every picture I found online was of white children. I was shocked that because I had not any idea about this. Inon average, persons with Down syndrome lived to be about 10 years old.

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interracial babies with down syndrome
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interracial babies with down syndrome
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3 thoughts on “Interracial babies with down syndrome

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