Thought i was bisexual

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Looking back in the past there have always been hints I guess? I don't want that. Life is not a straigh line that you have to follow from start to end, you know? And getting really uncomfortable when people say I'm bisexual, because it doesn't seem to fit. I think I might actually be a lesbian. I have crushes on celebrity guys but I don't like the idea of you know

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The First Time You Realize You’re Bisexual

And another boyfriend Who is now one of my best friends and gay ha who tried to kiss me and I responded by slapping him in the face! I've even found myself calling myself a lesbian randomly. That just describe the way I feel about myself: People who identified as bisexual often feel more inclined to one gender, and some of them change that gender many of times. But once you mature, and those feelings for the same gender still exist, you question that, just like you questioned your sexuality way back then. You may unsubscribe at any time.

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thought i was bisexual
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thought i was bisexual
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  1. why is her face shown only sidewards? any problem with the straight frontal view of her face?