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I thought this was a PG forum? It made the moment even sweeter with emotion knowing that their baby was growing inside her. Her heart beating in his ears as he kissed between her breasts and back to her parted lips. Rey x Ben Solo 5. I don't think that GL had them 'get to know' each other sooner than that in case that might have offended some fans.

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Padme hit it again and again, then dropped the dildo and stuck four fingers in.

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20 Years of the Jedi Council!

A smile spread across Padme's flushed face as her eyes slowly closed to enjoy the wonderful sensations he was giving her. I wonder why he made the choice he did. Since that moment they were no longer two people. Padme, as a Senator, would have been extrememly busy and Anakin would have been preparing for war so the only time they could fulfill their lust would be on the ship when Anakin is taking her back to Naboo, but even then I think they would have waited until they got there, so they could have some privacy and not risk the secret getting out and when they get to Naboo, they get married On the one hand, her rational self faintly attempts to set boundaries but her non-verbal signals say something else.

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padme amidala enjoying sex
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padme amidala enjoying sex
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