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Still, when Fry barrages her with flattery and asks her out, she says that they are just too different, he being a man and she being a woman. When she finally has the fake eye removed, she tells Fry that he is "a true friend. The next episode she calls him a "good friend" so we can assume that he was greatly turned off by this. After the stimulants have worn off and Fry emerges from the giant butterfly's body, Leela seems no happier than the others to find him back to normal. After Fry breaks the time button, he re-proposes to Leela. The episode ends on a bittersweet note.

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Later, Leela the elephant seal is interested only in the beachmaster, not even aware of Fry's existence.

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Fry-Leela relationship

She and Fry have become close friends over the years, but she has only briefly shown flickers of interest in him. They spend their time together as they mature. Later, Fry lures her to a love nest, claiming that it's a time-proof chamber that will protect her from the time skips. Even before they fully remember each other, they start making out. He apparently adjusts to the idea of her absence, and doesn't mention jealousy at all, even as Zapp makes crude innuendo while he and Leela board Farnsworth's stealth ship. The bona fide relationship trajectory continues in the next two episodes.

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